Choosing a Suitable Tennis Racket is a Consideration for Players

Whether you are a beginner or aspiring to be a tennis champion one thing is sure, choosing the right tennis racket will make a great difference for your game. Tennis rackets are of different types, and each has their pros and cons, anyone planning to play tennis frequently has to do more research on the best racquet, it is worth the research.

There are various key considerations in selecting the right tennis racket. The head of the racket is very essential, as it is the exact hitting area in the racket frame of the tennis. The sizes of the head racquet vary, for example, Midsize range between 80-94, Midplus is from 95- 105, Oversize ranges between 110-115 and Supersize is between 116 -135. The super oversize head allows you to generate a lot of power; the beginners mostly use these sizes of the racket. The Midplus or the Midsize are preferred mainly by the most experienced players because they have higher power and are highly skilled.

The length of the rackets ranges from 27-29, this is in inches, and this is the limit, which is legal for tournament play. Usually, a racket of 27inch is the standard. Longer racket gives a slightly higher reach on groundstrokes and has more power compared to that with a standard length. Most of the longer rackets are lighter than the rackets with a standard length; this keeps them moving. As the length of the racket increases, the dynamic swing weight also increases.

The weight distribution of the racket is the second factor to consider. The less experienced players should always consider a heavy head racket; this is because there is a high probability that their swings are normally shorter and they have less strength. Therefore, the rackets with more power will help you do this. On the other hand, the more experienced players will opt for the rackets with light head or one with the weight equally distributed over the racket. These rackets normally have more weight in their handles; they can absorb more shock, which is best for the players who can generate more power by themselves.

Grip size is also essential when selecting the right racket for your game. The sizes range from one to five, with sizes being different for UK and US when converted. Juniors, women, and men vary in the size in which they use, most of the times juniors use size 1 and 2, women preferring size 2 or 3 and the majority of men prefer size 3 and 4. An estimate of telling the right grip size preferred is by holding the racket in your forehand grip. Here is a guide of tennis racket sizes for the juniors. Juniors between the age 11 and 12 and have a height of 142- 157.5cm should choose a racket of 26.5 inches. Age of 10 to 11 and have a height of 142-157.5cm opt for a 26-inch racket, while juniors ranging from age 8-10 of height 132-14cm choose a racket of 26inch. The size of the rackets reduces with age and height this is because of the strength the junior can produce.

The material of the racket is significant for both the beginner and the experienced players; some rackets are made of graphite, Boron or Kevlar while others are made of aluminum. Rackets made of graphite and aluminum are light and very powerful, and these are best for the beginners.

Lastly, you should always consider Frame fitness as an important factor; the amount a frame deflects during ball contact affects the power potential. A racket, which is stiffer, tends to bend less, and a flexible racket normally bends the more giving rise to higher energy loss.

A flexible racket gives more power to the ball because of the shooter effect. Normally a racket that gives more power has less control; yes, that is for a fact. Experienced players choose a flexible racket; this is because he or she has got long, fast swing and provide more power. An experienced player may not be able to handle a stiff racket because it might end up being powerful for him or her, and many balls may end up landing long. A beginner player finds a stiffer racket, which does not deflect on impact best because it gives better control.

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