The Best Racquets for 2018

There are a wide variety of tennis racquets with different head sizes, grips, lengths, balances, and stiffness’. They are an extension of the arm so choosing the right one is very important. The first thing to know when looking for a tennis racquet is whether you are a beginner tennis player, intermediate or advanced. A beginner may want an all-around tennis racquet, while people who are intermediate or advance what tennis racquets that play to their strength and help them win games. This guide will outline the best racquets for beginner players, intermediate players, and advanced players.

Beginner Racquets

Racquets for beginners usually have all-around average features so that the users can work on and perfect their swing.

Babolat Drive 115

This racquet has a large head with a bigger sweet spot making it easier for beginners to make contact with the ball and work on their stroke. As a result of this, the racquet allows players to increase the speed and power of the ball for easier volleys.

Wilson Ultra 108

This racquet also has a larger sweet spot with enhanced power and maneuverability. It is compatible with the Sony Smart Tennis sensor to analyze your gameplay.

Wilson Hope Lite

Also, with an oversized head, this lightweight racquet provides a huge sweet-spot for forgiving and smooth play.

Intermediate Racquets

At the intermediate level players are looking to win more games so they want racquets that enhance their strengths.

Babolat Drive Lite

This is a great transitional racquet for beginners and intermediate players alike. It accelerates quickly for speedy ball returns. Also, the Woofer technology reduces vibrations for smoother play.

Wilson Burn 100S

This model has a comfort grip and it accelerates quickly and smoothly. Its X2 shaft has a longer than average handle which is ideal for players who use a two-handed backhand.

Head Graphene Touch Instinct S

This racquet is great when it comes to smooth play as it is designed with Graphene Touch material that absorbs vibrations. It has a large head with a consequently large sweet spot providing great power and maneuverability.

Advanced Racquets

Players who are advanced are competitive players and typically have the most freedom. They know how to win and they know their playing style so they look for racquets tailored to that style.

Wilson Blade 98 Countervail

This racquet is known for its low vibration feel. It enhances the serve and plays from the baseline with boosted power and spin. It has a heavier swing, larger hitting area, and extra length.

Babolat Pure Drive Wimbledon Edition

This model is great for both intermediate and advanced players. It provides very good power and control for baseline play.

Wilson Pro Staff RF97

This is a power racquet with great balance, a thin beam, and great weight. It also has a thin grip for a more classic feel.

Head Graphene Touch Speed Pro

This racquet is all about control and maneuverability to enhance your swing and ball control.

Babolat PLAY Pure Aero

This racquet uses technology such as sensors to provide data on the player’s swing, power, spin, ball impact zone, number of hits and much more.

Head Graphene XT Radical Pro

This racquet provides a balance between enhancing power and control. It allows you to put both weight and speed behind the ball.

Wilson Burn 95

This racquet is quite explosive and is slightly longer than average.

Wilson Blade 98

This racquet decreases vibrations for smoother play providing the player with comfort through play.

Babolat Pure Drive Plus

This exceptional racquet has a heavy swing weight and additional length.

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