The Best Top 10 Tennis Shoes

Something that has never been in any tennis player is how one can have a comfortable moment in the field. Because it is not really a simple thing to up-keep all the way; though some have it that investing your money, time and strength on a comfortable pair of shoes and a comfortable bed is a good thing because one you are not in pair “A”, then pair “B” will probably be the one accommodating your feet. But do you know that a very small number of sportsmen and sportswomen do take their time to choose the best tennis shoe(s) to accommodate them while on a play?

Someone could be saying that he is not a frequent player…or something else, but why do you take enough time while choosing the best outfit or anything else that you value a lot? You are not supposed to answer that, but the answer to that is simple. The benefit of having a wonderful footwear is not because you will look nice and neat! Though it does, there is something more- your choice matters on your performance, stamina and foot ventilation. Not forgetting its durability while in use. Your style of play and the fields’ surface matters a lot.

  1. The Adidas Barricade Boost of 2017.

This shoe design is far much unrecognizable from its predecessor made in 2016. This shoe design was modified and more touch on texture and technology was added, which made the Barricade to own the support from all tours made on the tennis field due to its well-known power of stability.

2. The Nike Court Lunar ofBallistec.

Raphael Nadal a 15-time Grand Slam champion made his choice on this brand. And the brand itself (NIKE) also pioneered the upper hold of Flywire cables’ foot into place. These shoes have minimal break-in time; their ankle padding is quite high.

However, when the laces are loose, the shoe isn’t much supportive, especially around the ankle.

3. The Wilson Rush Pro.

The Wilson brand has one thing that has been well dominating over the years… the manufacturing of tennis rackets! This motivated them and led them to the shoe production, of which they have been doing it very well over the years. Their model (Rush Pro 2.5) has been praised for its nature to grant comfort due to its ortholite insoles which have been discovered to have something special- the ability to wick out moisture from the feet hence preserving the feet from the bad smell. The other part is well designed thus providing support and comfort to the ankles.

4. The New Balance 996 V3

This shoe model has been in existence quite some time. With a closer follow up on the 996 V2, this New Balance has been seen with likes of the Wimbledon. It has to be understood that the 996 V3 has been frequently and consistently been knitted on the upper parts with high technology around the toes enhancing the high level of breathability and comfort. The shoes’ stability comes from the flat sole that grants stability and grip. The brand producers have made it more effective catering for both men and women designs, color schemes which are really cool.

5. The Slazenger 1881 

Everyone would like playing on a grass court. No doubts and debate on this, though the Slazenger 1881 tennis shoe has to be your number one companion to bring you a win. They’ve been modified on the ankle collar and on its tongue to enhance comfort. The shoe has been modified for plays in the artificial grass and as well as on the natural grass. Its D30 model’s sole absorbs shock efficiently and sufficiently even when you suddenly stop or doing an overhead smash.  

6. The Lotto Stratosphere II Speed 

The one thing that has made this shoe to stand out among many other designs, its unique customizable ortholite insoles which come as a pair. The shoe has won some prizes on the best-looking design in the year 2017. Its base is totally unique for it has carried almost all types of surfaces beneath it, thus making it more comfortable and durable.  

 7. The Head Revolt Pro 2.0 

Through a random look, the shoe might seem to be one of the heaviest shoes. But it’s totally the opposite the shoe is very light than its predecessors, giving it extreme features like being comfortable, breathable, light with a very high grip on the court. The producers have done an awesome work by producing different colors in relation to the numbers of the consumers’ taste. Though there are colors which do stand out best when on display.  

8. The Asics Gel Resolution 7 

One of the most wonderful features of this Asics Gel Resolution 7 is that it holds ones’ feet firmly limiting the foot from moving to and fro, side to side while in chase of the ball. This shoe provides an exceptional stability and it also has the ever longest-break-in time of which when it’s broken, performance goes far way better.  

9. The K-SwissKnitshot 

Out of the many players and testers who made their first tasting on this shoe, their response has always been almost similar in one way or the other, but the most common response has been that the shoe is very comfortable. This brand has its own uniqueness, that they have a wide fit with insoles.  

It has to be noted that their upper is made up of a very soft and flexible Knitshot material, that makes it poses the look like that of a socks’ outside.

10. TheYonexEclipsion

Yonex as a shoe brand has been working tirelessly to make sure that their product is one of the most used in the court. Why?

The reason is that they have been producing new shoe year after year. And it has to be clear that improvements are done on each shoe. They have only kept and maintained the faith on the original rubberized upper. They have managed to maintain the breathability and grip which enhances its performance giving it a great span of durability.

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